In the Summertime

I have a cute new short haircut for the summer in preparation for the upcoming dance competition.  I bought some bright pink lipstick and nail polish to go with my rhythm dress–the hot pink one with all the fringes on it.   Ooh LaLa!

My vacation is on hold until after the competition, then we are going SOUTH– in a good way.  I hope you are on a vacation or going on one,  sitting on a dock by a bay, or climbing every mountain.  Have lots of laughs,  super casual Fridays, and extra lazy Sundays.

If you’re still at home ( like me), and if you’re in the kitchen ( also, like me), I wish for you fizzy beverages with lots of ice, and super delicious Summer Flavors.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite summer-inspired recipes.






2 responses

  1. Wow, LOL, that ought to keep us busy to a while: )
    So, is it good luck to wish a Dancer “Break a Leg!”? Either way, I AM wishing you EXTRA good luck for the upcoming Comp, Carolyn!!
    (And really looking forward to seeing some pics of this completely amazing-sounding ensemble in action; )


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