What Dance Teachers Say


Ballroom dance lessons are a unique and wonderful experience.  They involve growth as a person as you develop a new skill.  They keep you “on you toes” both literally and figuratively.  Dancing is a super form of exercise and it requires you to be mentally sharp.  It is also a “close contact” sport.

Dance instructors and coaches have a unique challenge of giving information in a way that is clear and that you can relate to and remember.   The desire to get the point across can bring out the emotions and creativity of the teacher along with the information.  Sometimes what they say is priceless.

For your amusement, I have included below, some actual quotes from my teacher.  He can be very funny, unintentionally so.  That is just one of the reasons I have continued to dance with him for almost 10 years.  There are some days when it seems like I do more laughing than dancing, but that’s okay.  Laughter is a good tension breaker, and that’s what we need sometimes.

“Always keep your feet under you, and you must decide what leg your head is on”.

“Always keep in a straight line,  let me draw you a straight line, now let me see you walk in a straight line.  Hmmm, okay, now let’s dance in a straight line.”     I don’t drink and dance, honestly.

“Stretch, stretch, stretch.   Yes, that’s good.    Does it hurt?   If it hurts, you’re doing it right.   Keep stretching!!”

“I need to come inside you, then outside you..”

“Feel me, use my body,  wait for me, don’t finish before me”  Then he says,  “You seem distracted.  What are you thinking about.”

“Left, LEFT!  More LEFT!  Stretch your head left.  HEAD LEFT!  Stay to my right side.  Give me your right side.  HEAD left!   More left!   GO!! LEFT!!”

“Your other left”    At times like this, I’m not sure which is my right or my left.

“Where’s your boobs?  I don’t see them.  I need to see your boobs at all times.  You understand why this is important, don’t you?”

“I want you right THERE…. between my legs!”

“I want you to do an arm kick right there!”

“Use your front leg, then your hind leg”

“As you start turning, screw yourself into the floor.”

” You pulled out!   I told you NOT to pull out!”

“If you’re going to fall, do it gracefully.  You must be graceful and feminine at all times, and RELAX.”

“Don’t dance where your feet are, dance where your head is.”

My teacher is awesome, such a talented and graceful dancer, and so much fun to work with.  The operative word here is work!!

Just three more weeks until the competition.  YIKES!





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  1. Ballroom Dance is a type of competitive dancing, like ballet, jazz, etc. Once you start to compete, it becomes “a whole other ballgame” from regular social dancing. Very strenuous, but wonderful when it’s done right.


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