Time for Reflection

Like so many others throughout Ct., this country and the world, I am in shock and disbelief over the events that took place here on Friday.  The enormity of this tragedy is incomprehensible.  I cannot get my mind around the fact that one angry, disturbed person could commit such a deed, resulting in the death of so many children.

I am having a very hard time trying to carry on with preparations for Christmas for my family when I know that so many other families are grieving for lost family members, and Christmas present and all future Christmases will always be a reminder to them of this awful time of loss.

All across the state tonight prayer services and vigils are being held for those who lost their lives.  We had a similar service this morning in our church, following the Christmas Pageant.  The children portraying the Christmas Story were as cute as always, but there was something poignant and sad about it too, and it was hard to watch because we adults were thinking of other children, now gone.

I needed to take some time out to say this, so that I will be able to carry on and continue to write my blog as usual.  Thank you for “listening” , and please keep these families and all those affected by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers.       Carolyn