Thoughts on July 4th.


The skies are cloudy today with thunderstorms threatening–not a nice day for outdoor cookouts and picnics, parades, and neighborhood gatherings.  Hopefully the weekend will give us some nicer weather.


But let’s not forget what today is all about.  The anniversary of the birth of this country, the Declaration of Independence, freedom to be who we are and who we want to be.  The weather shouldn’t have even the smallest impact on all those reasons to celebrate, so celebrate we will.  Whether it’s just you with one special person, or with a whole host of family and friends, I hope you have a bang-up, knock-em-down, light-up-the-sky kind of day and weekend.


As for me, I see some shopping in my near future,  maybe a nice seafood dinner at the shore, and if the sun makes an appearance, some grilling on the back deck–cooking up something new to share with you.


Have a wonderful weekend, folks!


One response

  1. LOVE your potted Begonia with Lobelia; together they absolutely sparkle. Matter of fact all of your photos today would’ve been equally at home here on Tuesday (July 1st is Canada Day; ) Hope you have a GREAT July 4th Long Weekend Carolyn!


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