The Life of a Computer

It seems to me that there are a lot of similarities between life itself and computers.  Life happens, as the saying goes;  meaning that things do not always go smoothly.  Unexpected occurances happen…..sometimes for the good, but often times not so good.  And so we must adjust our plans, our moods, even our way of life, sometimes.  Likewise computers can throw you a curve, just when it is most inconvenient.

The computer that I use to write this blog has a few years on it, and is used jointly by me and my husband.  Last weekend it CRASHED, sending us both into a panic.  After much agonizing over what to do, Mr. D., being the guru that he is, was able to get it running again, but we feel that it is probably temporary.  So I will be shopping for a new computer….just for me….where I can carry on with my blogging.

I will continue to post new blogs as long as this baby keeps running, but there may be some days with no new posts, as I get a new one up and running.  So I ask for your patience and understanding, while I try to smooth out the bumps in the road. 

If you have experienced any kind of similar situation,  I would love to hear about how you coped.  Thanks, Carolyn


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